Denice Bizot
Metal Sculptor

denice working

Artist’s Statement
As a recent resident of Chattanooga, TN, living in St. Elmo, I find my work moving in a more organic direction. While both Minimalism and Pattern and Decoration are my main influences, more now than ever, nature is often a jumping off point to begin a sculpture. My studio space looks out, onto the trees and flowers of Lookout Mountain consequently, they are often inspiration for many pieces. My work is unique in its intricate irregular line formations, which create a spectacular sense of movement.

I’ve worked as a professional sculptor for ten years, creating and exhibiting in Fine Art galleries in New Orleans, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York, and now Evanston, Illinois. I was born and raised in New Orleans where my ancestors have lived since the early 1800’s. My work is in private collections from the West coast to the East coast. My most recent sculpture has been placed in corporate collections in Amsterdam, Manhattan, Houston and New Orleans.


“Shovelization" Oxidized  steel. Can be purchased in a group or individually at $300 ea.
Each shovel measures 15"-17" tall and is 10" wide.

denice bizot

See biography, exhibitions, collections and inventory below...

“Best in Category"
Lakeshore Arts Festival



"Fleur de Discque"
Oxidized Steel
17" round w/5" base


"Fleur de Discque"
Oxidized steel
24" tall, 16" disc, 6.5" base


"Way Tall" Clock
enamel, aluminum
19" Tall x 2" Deep x4" Wide


Brass with acid wash 


Enamel on aluminum


textured aluminum 


Brass with acid wash and
hand painted 13'x6"x3"




“Morphing the Square” d.o.c.s. Gallery New Orleans, LA November 2008
“Optical Delusions” d.o.c.s. Gallery New Orleans, LA December 2006
“Hoods from the Hood” d.o.c.s. Gallery New Orleans, LA October 2003
“American Beauty” Galerie Avance New Orleans, LA November 2001
“Time Traps” d.o.c.s. Gallery New Orleans, LA May 2001
BFA Exhibit Danna Gallery New Orleans, LA December 2000



“Arts in the Airport”, Knoxville, TN April-October 2010
Lookout Mountain Gallery, Chattanooga, TN December 2009 two-person
“Flora Photographica” Bank of America Atlanta,GA June 2009, two-person
“Montclair Collector’s Exhibit” Imlay Fine Art Montclair, NJ May 2009
Salvation 2008” One Canal Place New Orleans, LA February 2008
“Surge: New Orleans on High Ground” The Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, NY
“18 and counting” RHINO Gallery August 2006
d.o.c.s. Gallery New Orleans, LA June 2006
“Boomerang” Diboll Gallery New Orleans, LA May 2006
“Femme Fest” Carroll Gallery New Orleans, LA March 2006
d.o.c.s. Gallery, New Orleans, LA June 2004
RHINO Gallery,” Mainly Metal”, March 2003
Galerie Avance The Saulet New Orleans, LA November 2001
d.o.c.s. Gallery, New Orleans, LA June 2001
Diboll Gallery, New Orleans, LA May 2001
Diboll Gallery New Orleans, LA March 2000
d.o.c.s. Gallery New Orleans, LA April 1999 two-person
d.o.c.s. Gallery New Orleans, LA June 1999
Mayor’s Exhibit New Orleans, LA 1998
Danna Gallery New Orleans, LA May 1997≈



Best in Sculpture Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival 2010
Best in Show Arts in the Airport Exhibit 2010
Best New Exhibitor TACA Spring Show 2010
Most Sustainable and Beautiful Art, International Interior Design Association 2008
Kathy Imlay Fine Art, Montclair, NJ
RHINO Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Smart Furniture, Chattanooga, TN


Midgley Holley, “Cut Out for Art”, The Lookout View, February 2009
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MacCash Douglas, “Hanging Ten” Times-Picayune October, 2003
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Times-Picayune, Lagnaippe, May, 2001
MacCash, Douglas, “Some Assembly Required” Times-Picayune, April, 1999
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Etc. “Visions” July, 1999



Reinier Heutink Amsterdam, Netherlands
CoActive Marketing Group, NY, NY
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, New Orleans, LA
Douthit Design Group Houston, TX