Henry Linton

"Symbolic Portrait of a Great City"

The painting was commissioned in 1978 by WBBM-FM Radio, in Chicago, to appear on a calendar promoting the radio station.

Over the years, Hank Linton worked as an art director, at a number of different Chicago, advertising agencies. Whenever possible, he would retire to his farm in upper Michigan to paint. Hank could paint in almost any genre but his true love was surrealism. Several of Hank's paintings were on display at the once famous, Ricardo's restaurant on Rush Street.

"Symbolic Portrait of a Great City" was recently on display at the HANCOCK CENTER, on the 94th floor, at the Observatory.

"Symbolic Portrait of a Great City", 1978, Size: 48" x 60"
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Asking price: $32,600. For more information: contact Bob Danon directly

"Mankind Cannot Be Recycled"
1976 - Acrylic on canvas & mixed media- 22" x 36", Framed- 24" x 36"

"Window Vine"
1974 - Acrylic on canvas- 8" x 12", Framed- 11.5" x 15.5"

"Memorial to War"
1972-1973 - Avrylic on canvas- 30' X 36", FRAMED 33" X 39"

"Holds No Water"
1972 - Acrylic on canvas-16" x 20", Framed- 19" x 23"